Fun Facts – Hydration & The Human Body

IV Hydration Therapy The IV Therapy HubDehydration is a common issue affecting about 75% of Americans. Most people drink far less water than their body needs, preferring un-healthy beverages which can actually contribute to dehydration. Without knowing how to test for dehydration, many don’t even realize they aren’t drinking enough water.

With IV Therapies, IV Hydration therapy and Health Shots, you can get the hydration and nutrients you need right when you need them; that means 100% absorption and immediate benefit.


WHAT IS IV HYDRATION THERAPY? – By Richard Linden MBA Ph.D IV Hydration therapy is the process of receiving intravenous (IV) fluids for treating a specific condition. Fluids, that can be pure water, a mixture of saline and water, or a solution infused with important nourishment, are delivered straight into the carnage enabling maximum absorption into […]

IV Therapy – the latest fad or Here to Stay?

Got IV Therapy? By The IV Therapy Hub Lately I’ve seen increasing news about IV therapy services on several social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Look it by utilizing the hashtag #ivtherapy. You might be stunned to seek out many celebrities, athletes, models, average person and advertisements speaking about getting IV therapy, not since they’re […]