A severe cold and, or, flu can be a real bummer and ruin our day, or week for that matter! IV Therapy can offer Immediate rehydration, replenishing vital nutrients, an anti-inflammatory for the pain, and some secret weapons to give your immunes system a huge boost, all delivered by intravenously by means of IV Therapy will have you feeling better in no time, seriously. This is precisely what most IV Therapy Clinics and IV Therapy providers have designed their IV Hydration therapy treatments to do. Intravenous therapy helps you feel better quickly when you’re under the weather and you dont want to let a cold or the flu get the best of you.

With 1 liter of crystalloid hydration—the same solution used to rehydrate and replace fluid losses in emergency and operating rooms, a special ingredient of added Toradol which is a powerful non-narcotic anti-inflammatory to end your aches, fever and pain and other natural vitamin and mineral ingredients such as immune boosters like vitamin C, minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium, L-glutamine, and B vitamins, the IV Therapy drip packages for cold and flu like symptoms can have you back to your full self quickly!

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cold and flu iv therapy treatment by the IV therapy hub