What Is The Best Natural Hangover Remedy?

It’s mostly normal to have a hangover after having a great time with lots of drinks. But you often end up pondering whether there is some hangover remedy that can lessen or cure the headache, nausea and other symptoms. Here are some proven remedies that can give you relief and make you feel better.

A remedy from Germany

The Germans are known the world over for their beer festival, Oktoberfest. They have also developed many effective remedies to help fight hangover. One such hangover remedy is to take bananas and meat the next day. While the fruit is rich in potassium and sugar, meat helps provide essential nutrition.

Coconut Water

Dehydration is one of the underlying causes of hangover. If you feel like drinking a sports drink, you should better replace it with coconut water. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes, especially potassium which has amazing hydrating powers. It is also better than drinking water due to its electrolyte content and flavor.

Lemon Water

The negative effects of alcohol on the liver are well known. When you have a hangover you can provide it some support by drinking some lemon-infused water. Lemon water will help in supporting detoxification as its boosts liver function. It also improves liver tissue regeneration, which is crucial for preventing any future complications of this vital organ.

All you have to do is squeeze just half lemon into a glass of water. Rich in vitamin C, lemon water also helps in fighting liver inflammation. Thus, lemon water can work not only as a hangover remedy it can also protect your liver.


Headache is one of the most common symptoms associated with hangover. Just a spoonful of honey is all required to fight off the headache. The high fructose content in honey helps in competing with the alcohol. This causes the body to remove the alcohol at a fast rate.

So make sure to follow these hangover remedy to feel better and protect your organs after you engage in heavy drinking.