How Does I.V. Therapy Improve Your Health?

People use i.v. therapy for a number of reasons. It helps in fighting hangover, stress, and even cold and flu symptoms. Most people respond to this treatment well and can enjoy longer lasting results when followed regularly. Studies show that more than 50% of those who get the treatment get immediate relief from cold and flu symptoms. There are many ways this method is better than oral intake of vitamins, hydration and food.

Complete Absorption

The i.v. therapy helps in absorbing the nutrients fully into the bloodstream. This is unlike normal ingestion of food, vitamins and hydration. It can deliver the nutrients and hydration directly to the bloodstream which helps in ensuring 100% absorption.

Helps with Rehydration

The therapy also helps in restoring optimal hydration. It is a fast way to rehydrate the body. This further has many other health benefits, most importantly supporting the immune system.

Replenishing Vitamins

Normal digestion takes a lot of time for restoring vital vitamins. Besides, the digestive system requires many conditions to be met in order to absorb adequate amounts of vitamins. With i.v. therapy, you can get all the essential vitamins directly into the bloodstream without having to wait for long. The effects are instant and the body improves almost immediately. It takes just 30-45 minutes for a session during which you will be relaxing at the facility.

Help Improve Overall Wellbeing

If you think i.v. therapy does a great job to fight the hangover, there’s much more to this therapy. It helps in boosting your overall wellbeing. When your body’s vital vitamins and minerals are replenished, it also helps in boosting your energy levels. It can help improve your blood nutrient concentrations to levels which cannot be achieved with oral administration.

With i.v. therapy, you can also correct your cellular nutritional deficits. Diseases can also affect penetration of nutrients into the cells after oral ingestion. However, IV nutritional therapy doesn’t get affected by any conditions.