IV therapy, also known as intravenous vitamin therapy, is a highly effective immune boosting technique that delivers healthy doses of natural minerals and vitamins into the patient’s circulatory system. The vitamins and minerals that given to the patient are meant for the cells to function fully and properly. By administering the minerals and vitamins that are directed into the bloodstream, the patient can be assured of receiving a treatment that provides an immediate therapeutic response by correcting any deficiencies that may exist within the body. By maintaining high and functional energy levels, one can recover from debilitating chronic conditions, such as asthma, fatigue, depression, sleep apnea, and much more.

Intravenous vitamin therapy assists patients towards maintaining optimum health and is especially a great benefit for competitive athletes. Athletes that constantly strive towards keeping their bodies in top shape will often experience pains due to pushing certain limits. Today, many athletes are electing to complete continuous series of intravenous vitamin therapy during their training cycles prior to physically demanding events, such as marathons and triathlons. IV therapy aides athletes in recovering muscles, joints, and organs that undergo lots of stress and pressure. IV therapy has also been a catalyst in shortening one’s recovery time in the post event stages.