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Our clinic & IV Therapy Clinic is located in the city best known for the beautiful Balloon Fiesta & the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, NM. We strive to provide quality service in all our therapies, as well as the most current and accurate healthcare, diet and exercise information. We carry Neutraceutical Grade supplements which are only available to licensed healthcare practitioners, due to potency and purity. These supplements ensure that your health is protected from low quality and sometimes toxin contaminated supplements that are found in most health food stores.

We have a very high success rate and very good reputation. We stay ahead of the curve by attending conferences presented by ACAM (American College for the Advancement in Medicine) and the IOA (International Ozone Association). We know more about the therapies we provide than most people in this country because our training comes from France, Germany and Italy, directly from the experts in their respective fields.

We provide you with as many options for treatment as possible, specifically for your condition. We know that your body is different from everyone else’s and we listen to what your needs are, then we provide dietary, lifestyle, and Oxygen/Ozone, IV or Liposomal Therapy suggestions based on the most effective, successful studies. We realize that there are “experts” all over the country and we let our clients and our results speak for us, which is why 70% of our business is from client referrals. Chances are that YOU have been referred to us by your Doctor or because one of your friends or family members has found us to be the right clinic for them and believes that we can help you too.

We are often amazed at how many people hear about a well-known clinic or treatment center in another state, when they actually have 2 of the best Alternative Medicine Practitioners right in their own back yard! We have therapies that you would normally have to travel to Europe to get & pay a fortune, or go to Mexico & risk getting an infection or worse by some untrained individual. We use the best therapies, we are extremely well trained and we offer very competitive pricing, right here in Albuquerque. Can’t come here for treatment?? Don’t worry, we can still help. Purchase a Hair/Saliva sample kit and have your body analyzed & a complete supplement program can be sent directly to your home!!!

Call us today to schedule your consultation to regain your health or to build on the health you already have!!!

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