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Did you know that IV therapy & IV nutritional therapies can be more effective than taking supplements orally? An IV can get nutrients right to the cells for immediate absorption and effectiveness. Completely safe and incredibly easy, IV therapy can bypass issues like nutrients not being absorbed properly. Our IV products are preservative-free and are administered through BPA-free IV bags and glass bottles, which adds even more health benefits for our patients. Our highly trained and experienced medical team administers IV treatments for patients across Scottsdale and beyond.

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What is in a Nutritional IV?

Each nutritional IV is made up for the individual needs of the patient. The IV puts nutrients back into the body and directly into the cells where they can help the cells repair, regenerate, and detoxify.

A typical IV is made up of vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Vitamin B – This vitamin is used to make enzymes to help combat illness
  • Vitamin C – This vitamin is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and required for tissues to heal
  • Magnesium – This mineral combats migraine headaches and constipation
  • Phospholipids – These help cell membranes heal and is especially good for treating hepatitis

IV Therapy is Just a Phone Call Away

Whether you are feeling a cold or flu coming and want to attack it right away with a Vitamin C IV, or would like to discuss other medical concerns with our medical team to find another IV nutritional therapy to address your concerns, we can provide IV treatments on short notice. When you visit our office for an IV treatment, you will sit in a comfortable room in a lounge chair for the 1 – 2 hours of treatment. During treatment, you can relax, read, or use our free wireless network.

Contact us to reach our integrative medical center in Scottsdale to make an appointment today.

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