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About Genesis and our IV Therapy Clinic. Two-time Nobel prize laureate, Linus Pauling is perhaps more well know for his praise of natural therapies like vitamin C than his achievements in chemistry.  Pauling was vilified by the strongly anti-vitamin medical establishment of the time.

In 1976 Linus Pauling and  Ewan Cameron, MD (surgical oncologist) published a clinical trial in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in which 100 terminal cancer patients were treated with intravenous vitamin C and compared with matched patients who did not receive intravenous vitamin C.

The study showed an over 400% increase in mean survival (50 vs 210 days).

Subsequently, two studies looking at vitamin C and cancer were conducted at the Mayo clinic which showed no benefit.  These studies were touted by the mainstream medical establishment as proof that Cameron and Pauling’s findings were invalid.

However, these two negative trials used oral vitamin C, rather than the intravenous protocol utilized by Cameron and Pauling.  The obvious difference is that regardless of the amount of vitamin C taken orally, blood levels can only reach a small fraction of levels achieved with intravenous administration.

There are other critiques, however, the difference mentioned about is enough to cast serious doubt on the validity of those subsequent negative trials.

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