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About Our IV THERAPY TREATMENTS: Either based on your symptoms, your existing diagnosis (es), or what you have witnessed on your live blood analysis, Dr. Gonino will recommend one or more intravenous therapies as part of your overall wellness program. Below are descriptions of some of our I.V. Therapies.

More information on all of our I.V. Therapies including I.V. PACKAGE OPTIONS will be supplied in your NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK and new patient packets once at your office visit. We look forward discussing all the benefits of our one of a kind IV Therapy center.

I.V. OZONE: I was trained by Frank Shallenberger M.D. who has used ozone therapy for over 20 years. He recommends it for many different things but he has seen the best results with: Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease , including reperfusion after heart attack, liver disease (Ozone therapy has a stimulatory effect on liver cell regeneration), Cancer (Ozone selectively increases the anti- oxidant enzyme activity in healthy cells, protecting them against the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, decreases resistance to chemo.), *** Induces anti- cancer cytokines: Tumor Necrosis Factor, Interferon, and Interleukin2, **directly kills cancer cells , may normalize “marginal” cancer cells by stimulating pyuvate -> Acetyl Co A conversion -> more ATP production by marginal cells making them more likely to heal, may stimulate apoptosis (programmed cell death by cancer cell) Macular degeneration, chronic infections including herpes, dental infections, and MRSA along with antibiotics. Other places that he has seen it work, although not to as great as an extent as the above are: claudication/peripheral vascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fungal infections, ulcerative colitis, and various types of skin infection. Click here to learn more about I.V. Ozone

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