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Our IV Therapy Clinics are top rated! When most people hear the term “IV therapy,” they think of unpleasant experiences in a hospital, such as being a patient in the Emergency Department, undergoing surgery, receiving chemotherapy for cancer, or receiving fluids, antibiotics, and/or painkillers to help with a life-threatening condition.

Few people realize that forward-thinking doctors have actually been using IV therapies safely and effectively in their offices for decades. Because nutritional IV therapy and IV chelation are not taught in medical school and are not covered by insurance companies, they have become two of the best-kept secrets in the practice of medicine. Patients throughout America typically come to such doctors’ offices from hours away because they have discovered how helpful IV therapy can be for their problems.

At Grand County Wellness & IV Therapy Clinics We believe Mainstream medicine has long recognized the value of IV therapy in replenishing blood volume lost through vomiting, diarrhea, acute blood loss, and lack of oral intake. Common additives include sodium, chloride, potassium, and glucose. For those whose medical conditions prevent them from eating for a period of weeks or even months, doctors prescribe “total parenteral nutrition” in order to provide life-sustaining fats, amino acids, glucose, vitamins, and minerals.

However, the benefits of IV therapy are not limited to such a narrow segment of the population as those who are hospitalized and/or fighting for their lives. A growing number of patients nationwide have found IV nutrition helpful for a wide variety of conditions, including conditions not optimally addressed by conventional therapies such as drugs and surgery.

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