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When the human mind, body and spirit are integrated and working harmoniously, their power is remarkable. And Dr.Sullivan is at the forefront of the paradigm shift that is already occurring in Western medicine – toward true preventive healthcare.
The many advantages of office-based infusion therapy clinic:
Office-based infusion therapy clinic allows patients to receive uninterrupted, high-quality therapy in a caring environment with professionals who know their medical history. Working closely and continuously with the same team gives patients an unprecedented opportunity to convey their concerns and get all their questions answered. Patients at our office infusion therapy clinic center see the same friendly, caring clinical staff at every visit. The physician and staff take a more active role in each patient’s infusion therapy clinic therapy because they share the same mission: Getting the patient on the road to good health as safely and as soon as possible.

IV injection therapies for whole-body health
Glutathione – A powerful anti-oxidant that is vital to maintaining good health.
Nutritional injections – Have been shown to increase energy, improve sleep and work performance and promote well-being.
B12 therapy – Perhaps the best known of the nutritional injection therapies for overcoming fatigue, increasing energy.
Meyer’s cocktail – Injection therapy includes multi-minerals, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin B complex diluted in sterile water to treat vitamin deficiency, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, immune weakness.

Dr. Garrett G. Sullivan MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine and well versed in all branches of general care, brings whole-person foundation to partner with patients presenting with the full spectrum of medical problems, simple to complex.  He is a “specializing generalist” in every sense of the title. He specializes to coordinate the basic general elements required to promote, maintain and optimize one’s health and functional status, regardless of the more specific labels or diagnoses patients might carry.  Referred to by his peers as among the best “read between the lines doctors,” he appreciates the often-overlooked nuances contributing to patient’s concerns.  Fellowship trained in integrative medicine, he predominantly uses a functional medicine perspective to organize the essential ingredients required for life in his clinical support.  From a nutritional standpoint, Dr. Sullivan is able to guide interdisciplinary clinical experience combining conventional care, general complementary and alternative therapies, orthomolecular and functional medicine, and not least, biophysical methods and models.  He provides comprehensive consultation and guidance to those with whom he partners clinically, to develop personalized health and healing plans, addressing each individual’s unique health patterns and circumstance.

Through his work, Dr. Sullivan establishes a truly fundamental, integrative working medical practice, through which the multiple medical viewpoints may find common ground.  To realize this, through emphasis in biophysics as it applies to the human condition, Dr. Sullivan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Biology in 1997 and his Medical Doctorate in 2004, all from the University of Kansas.  Following medical school, he continued study for a year with the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Program in Integrative Medicine, becoming well versed in orthomolecular medicine with working experience in systems biology, bioinformatics and microarray technologies.  He then completed his clinical residency training in Family Medicine with the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa from 2005-2008, and thereafter returned to KUMC to become their first Fellow in Integrative Medicine, a program he remained on staff to help teach and further develop over the subsequent years.  He remained on staff with KUMC, jointly sponsored by the Program in Integrative Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine Research Division, providing clinical service, teaching broadly, and contributing to research in integrative methods and IV Vitamin C until 2013.  Now in private practice joining with the Awaken Whole Life Center’s healing vision, Dr. Sullivan continues to work not only to further expand patients’ opportunity, but also practitioners’ ability to guide the integrative medical preferences that many patients turn to, especially when conventional care falls short of their health goals.

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