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Our IV Therapy Clinics are YOUR MILPITAS, CA GLUTATHIONE AND VITAMIN INJECTION SPECIALISTS. At Infuze MD, we believe that your body deserves the best. Our vitamin drips are designed to revitalize your body, providing vital nutrients that rejuvenate your skin, boost your energy levels, and leave you looking and feeling young and healthy. We are experts in injection therapy and we take pride in helping our customers look and feel healthy and beautiful. We’re proud to offer a diverse array of services to help you look and feel your best. Our services include:

  • Vitamin IV Drips: Including the original Myer’s Drip, the Stress Free Genius Drip, and the Anti-Aging Beauty Drip, these are defined to boost your energy and keep you feeling young and healthy.
  • Inhalation Treatments: Our Glutathione and Redox Inhalation Treatments help to strengthen the lungs and stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Anti Aging Treatments: From Botox injections to a full Placenta facial, these will smooth out wrinkles and leave skin feeling fresh and young.
  • Cancer & Immune Support: Our vitamin & glutathione-based therapies help to boost immunity and fight harmful diseases.
  • Pain Management: Our Prolozone therapy helps to fight pain and boost the body’s ability to heal itself.

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