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I am Dr. Jake Schmutz. I am the primary care physician here at Integrative Medica & IV Therapy Clinic.

People are looking at health care in a whole new way and are experiencing healing through natural medicine and are loving it. Why? Because it works. It works in a pleasant, effective way that heals and helps prevent future disease as well.Naturopathic medicine is all about improving and strengthening the body’s own natural mechanisms to cure itself of both acute and chronic disease. Integrative Medica doesn’t simply treat symptoms; we identify the cause of a disease in order to properly strengthen the body so that the patient can be completely healed instead of just relieved of the symptoms.I use food, medical nutrition, nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements), botanical and even pharmaceutical medications in an integrative way to truly make a difference in the lives of our patients.

About Dr. Jake Schmutz: Becoming a doctor has always been a dream and goal of mine. Ever since I was five years old I have wanted to be a doctor, though it wasn’t until later on in my education that I was introduced to integrative medicine at Brigham Young University. During this time I realized that becoming a naturopath doctor was exactly what I needed (and wanted) to do and what people need most in health care. I attended Bastyr University for medical school. The university provides specialized training in both conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

The Knowledge & Skills To Heal: The human body is absolutely amazing and we are barely grasping its full potential. Understanding its functions and processes is constantly being researched. Nevertheless, through specialized training and experience, I know how to properly encourage the innate healing mechanisms of the human body to bring about real healing and relief.

Specialized Training: I have been specially trained in medical nutrition, botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle modification, hydrotherapy, and osseous and soft tissue manipulation. On top of this specialized training, I received the normal medical school training that all doctors are accustomed to. This included extensive training in diagnostics, minor surgery, and pharmacology.

Post Doctoral Training: My post doctoral training includes IV Therpay I.V. nutrient therapy, neural prolotherapy, prolotherapy, neurocranial restructuring, platelet rich plasma therapy, and visceral manipulation.

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