Liv IV Hydration Therapy

Personalized IV Hydration Therapy Treatments engineered to boost energy, beautify skin, and redefine the heights of health & wellness.

Renew the body, refresh the mind, and restore performance in the soothing serenity of our IV spa. Our professional staff provides fast-acting IV treatments to deliver an individually calibrated nutrient bath to the bloodstream. For improved energy and athletic performance, younger, healthier skin, increased productivity at work, or simply a space to relax and recharge, LIV’s holistic approach to IV hydration therapy holds the solution.

As (adult) human beings, we are approximately 60% water. With water being such a large part of a human’s body, it is vital for humans to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps the body restore and maintain its balance of fluids. Many of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. By hydrating your body, you can renew and reinvigorate yourself! Hydration can also have various other health benefits, such as:

  • Staying Hydrated helps lose weight
  • Staying Hydrated can give you more energy
  • Staying Hydrated can lower your stress levels
  • Staying Hydrated promotes muscle growth
  • Staying Hydrated nourishes your skin
  • Staying Hydrated supports healthy digestion
  • Staying Hydrated helps prevent kidney stones


The LIV treatment includes special care in a setting where clients can settle back and refresh their bodies, in a soothing and relaxing environment. Dr. Chris Salem, founder of LIV explains: “Our goal is to give our clients an experience, delivering the therapy they want and need in an environment that puts them at ease, allows them to relax and let their everyday anxieties melt away; to allow the mind & body ample time and space to recharge in our modern, state of the art facility.” Dr. Salem further explained: “We fully recognize that obtaining vitamins orally is an option. We also know that delivering nutrients directly to the bloodstream optimizes their impact.” In most cases of oral hydration, 40-60% of nutrients are lost through bodily processes in the digestive tract and liver.. Conversely, IVs help to effectively boost the nutrient absorption rate, bypassing these natural filters altogether. IV therapies are known for doing more than just rehydrating, and in fact have been known to fortify the immune system, increase energy, enhance skin condition, and even eliminate harmful toxins. More and more, people find themselves dehydrated, be it from flying in a pressurized plane, an intense workout regimen, or a night of excessive alcohol consumption or recovery from an illness. With the help of the calibrated nutrients of IV therapy, combatting these issues is easier than ever! IV therapy can support healthy skin, teeth, hair, vision, nervous & immune system functionality, metabolism of carbs/fat/proteins, and can even help relieve muscle pain! The benefits of this therapy are incredible, and are valued by a variety of individuals seeking better health.

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