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Intravenous (IV Therapy) Therapy: At times serious and hard-hitting treatment is required to facilitate the body’s healing effort in the most efficient way. For such occasions, natural IV therapy is employed. The advantage of this form of therapy is that it can greatly enhance and speed the results of any healing program. There are various types of non-medical IV therapies that we use, depending on the health issue, which include:

  • Chelation therapy for improved cardiovascular health
  • Chelation therapy to promote removal of toxins, including heavy metals and chemicals
  • Liver support
  • Immune System boost
  • Nutrition replenishment

Healthy Lifestyle Counseling: Ultimately the body does its own healing. At Natural Health Specialists our job is to discover what a patient has been doing wrong that has caused its breakdown, and then provide it the opportunity to bring about restoration. After thorough evaluation to ascertain negatives to the body, appropriate recommendations and treatment are made to both eliminate wrongs and implement positives. The various recommendations for therapies and treatments offered at the clinic are described in the links on the left.

Living Health Concepts is dedicated to helping the body heal itself. Since no form of therapy or treatment can cure or heal the body of disease – only the body can heal itself, our goal is to help you give your body what it needs to do the job, and do so through non-traditional, natural therapies and treatments.

We accomplish this through: Extensive evaluation via blood, urine, physical exam and other testing to determine the level of health, including nutrient levels, presence of heavy metal/ chemical toxicity, infections, allergies, diseases, etc.
Natural therapy and treatments such as dietary programs, juicing, food supplements, homeopathic treatment, nutritional IVs, exercise, chiropractic, etc., as needed and appropriate. Call  Us Today!

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