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Most of you reading this have taken a multiple vitamin mineral supplement. Nutritional IV’s (IV Therapy) are simply a more efficient way to get these nutrients into your body. Even the most high-quality supplements with a healthy intestinal tract only allow for 10-25% absorption. Once absorbed, these nutrients go straight to the liver, which processes and destroys another fraction of orally ingested supplements in a process called “first pass metabolism.” But IV nutrition bypasses the gut and the liver, providing 100% absorption!

IV’s also make it easier to reach therapeutic levels in which the nutrients delivered have their greatest effect. This often requires high concentrations that are only achievable intravenously. Vitamin C is a great example, in which the highest oral dose only provides a concentration of 9.5 mg/dL. At concentrations of 200 mg/dL, Vitamin C can preferentially kill cancer cells. This concentration is easily reached with IV in a safe and nontoxic manner.

Antioxidant therapy is another great reason to consider IV treatments. Perhaps you’ve already heard of the powerful anti-aging effects of antioxidants like glutathione or alpha lipoic acid. These nutrients reverse oxidative damage, which is the number one cause of aging. This is why they add Vitamin C to skin products. Antioxidant IV’s access the deepest parts of the body and restore vitality.

All IV’s provided at the Nature Cures Clinic are formulated for the individual by Dr. Greg Eckel. Patients will complete a thorough history, physical exam and any lab studies necessary to assure the utmost safety. Contact our clinic and office for any additional information and or to schedule an appointment with one of our IV Therapy Hydration treatment medical professionals. The IV Therapy treatment generally takes about 45 – 60 minutes depending on the type of IV Nutritional or IV medical treatment you elect to have completed.

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