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Doctor Sinsheimer functions as the primary care provider (PCP) & IV Therapy Clinics for the majority of her patients. For those patients, and for patients who come to Optimal Health Center for a specific concern, we provide care for a number of medical issues such as colds, flu, infections, minor injuries, hormone imbalance, aches, pains, and general medical advice.

We use standard diagnostic laboratory tests, such as blood and saliva panels, alongside medical imaging to better understand a patient’s condition. Additionally, we use a host of specialized tests, like food allergy, heavy metals, and micronutrient analysis, to address the root cause of any condition.

Our focus is on using non-pharmaceutical and least-invasive methodologies. However, with our integrative approach, we will prescribe pharmaceutical medications or recommend surgery when that is the best treatment for any given health condition. We work cooperatively with conventional medical practitioners and will provide referrals whenever appropriate.


Aligning with the core values of naturopathic medicine, Optimal Health Center prioritizes prevention as a top health goal. Keeping the body healthy reduces the chances that illness and disease will manifest.

Although maintaining balance and harmony in the body’s systems does take work, routine check-ups with your physician, healthy eating, regular exercise, and other wholesome habits can lower your risk for many of the most common health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Frequent, honest, and thorough communication with your naturopathic doctor is an important part of stopping illness before it starts and achieving your health objectives.

We want to empower you to take responsibility for your health by helping you develop the skills, insights, and patterns that allow you to enjoy life to the full. Doctor Sinsheimer will spend quality time with you each time you come in, making the effort to understand your concerns and educate you about all your options. Optimal Health Center partners with you for the long term, helping you manage your health wisely to minimize chronic conditions and maximize your quality of life.

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