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Las Vegas we specialize in Intravenous Therapy to help people restore their bodies quickly. Intravenous Therapy hydration is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Therapies administered intravenously are often called specialty pharmaceuticals. With our pristine compound pharmacies, we have devised through IV therapy, a way to improve health and wellness benefits in numerous areas of deficiency.

Our Las Vegas IV Clinic boasts top of the line equipment with luxurious massage chairs and flat screen TVs in all private rooms. 
Our licensed nurses provide 3 IV formulas with nutrients specifically for your needs. Each solution is prepared under the supervision of our medical doctor.

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You have been out at the pool all day in the Las Vegas hot sun and want to head out to a club at night. Getting PUSH IV Hydration before you go out will re-hydrate you quickly and, presto, you are ready for your night on the town. Too much partying that night: get another treatment at your hotel. It is never too late to nourish your body with our treatments!

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