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WHY IV HYDRATION THERAPY and our IV Therapy Clinics? IV fluids are the most rapid way to correct dehydration.  When you receive IV vitamin infusions, 100% of beneficial nutrients are immediately available for your body to utilize.  Clients of our IV Therapy Clinics note a quick increase in energy, a miraculous cure of hangover symptoms, a speedy recovery from an endurance event and an overall improvement in general health and wellness. Oral supplementation is usually plagued with absorption issues and cannot compete with IV infusions.  IV placement is a simple procedure similar to getting blood drawn.  This slight sting of the needle is quick and worth it given how good our clients feel after a 30-40 minute treatment.  Our expert medical staff will ensure an enjoyable experience.  Don’t waste precious time waiting to recover when the solution to what ails you is simple, try Rapid Recovery and get back to enjoying life feeling refreshed and revived.

Who Are We?

DEBBIE FAJANS, CRNA: Debbie Fajans, CRNA, is the owner and founder of Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions. She lives in Truckee and works as a Nurse Anesthetist in Reno and in Northern California providing anesthesia in hospitals and private practice locations. She has degrees from UC San Di- ego, Columbia University and Samuel Merritt University and has been in the medical field for over 10 years. As an anesthesia provider, she is responsible for hydration and balancing electrolytes, while also de- creasing pain and nausea in patients.

DR. JENNIFER RACCA: Dr. Jennifer Racca is medically trained as a Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Tulane University, Dr. Racca has practiced office and hospital-based medicine for 20 years. Her passion is helping those who are ill, but also believes in preventative care and a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to use her knowledge and skills to bring hydration, vitamins and minerals to people outside of the office.

KAMI DUNBAR, APN-BC: Kami Dunbar is a Nurse Practitioner living in Truckee. In her previous work, Kami has assisted chronically ill seniors in Northern California and Nevada to receive preventative health services in order to reduce hospitalizations and improve wellness.  Prior to this Kami worked treating cancer patients after receiving her training at Yale.  Kami observed that as people live longer they struggle with symptoms of chronic disease.

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