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Nutrient/Vitamin IV Therapy: Wouldn’t it be great if you could find relief from migraine headaches, asthma attacks, fibromyalgia, fatigue/chronic fatigue, DEPRESSION, respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, chronic viral infections, even support your fight against cancer?

IV Nutritional Therapy (IV Therapy) is a method of infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chelating agents, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, delivering extra high doses not achievable through oral routes and not subject to digestive and absorption problems in the gastrointestinal tract. This is a safe, and powerful way of getting the super nutrition your body needs and enhance utilization where you need it the most- at the cellular level. Administering vital nutrients into the body helps improve cellular homeostasis, a balance of the nutrients inside a given cells environment, delivering unparalleled potency and results.

From detoxification to improved immune function, The ReBalance Center, offers one-on-one treatment, with each IV therapy mixture customized, personalized, and made for your health needs. In most cases, an IV is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the arms, hands, legs, or feet ( if you have an indwelling catheter or port, we can access that for administration as well). A drip chamber, which prevents air from entering the blood and controls flow rate, enables nutrients to bypass the digestive tract, where any compromised loss of absorption may possibly occur. Even though oral supplementation is an important factor in any healing regiment, there is no comparison to the effectiveness of an IV Nutritional Therapy session.

The ReBalance Center is a unique Therapy Based, Integrative Health Center offering exclusive  treatments including: Colon Hydrotherapy, IV Therapy, Micro-Needling Facials with PRP, Nutrient and Natural Pain Injections, Mild Hyperbaric Chambers, Ionic Foot Detox Baths, Nebulized Glutathione, Healing Massage Techniques, Health and Lifestyle Coaching, Photon Genius Electro-Medicine Sauna, Nutraceutical Supplements, and Positive Intention in all we do.. 

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