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About Region IV Therapy Clinic: Region IV has served Alcorn, Prentiss, Tippah and Tishomnigo Counties since 1973. Region IV expanded the service locations to DeSoto County in 2010.  Region IV is one of 15 mental health regions in  the state of Mississippi. Each mental health region is governed by a Board of  Commissioners, appointed by the Board of Supervisors of each county.

The  Board of Commissioners for Region IV Therapy Clinic are:

Mr. Troy Holliday – Tippah County
Mrs. Sherry  Dalton – Alcorn County
Mrs. Pat Sylvester- DeSoto County
Mrs.  Judy Ramey – Prentiss County
Mr. Greg Collier- Tishomingo County

Mr. Holliday is a charter member of the Commission and has served on the board since 1973.  Region IV currently employees over 500 individuals  throughout the region.  Region IV Therapy Clinic currently services over 6,700 clients annually.

Region IV Mental Health Services provides out-patient services to individuals in need of mental  health, mental retardation, and/or alcohol and drug abuse services. Region IV  has an out-patient facility in Alcorn, DeSoto, Prentiss Tippah and Tishomingo  Counties.  At each facility the following services are offered:

Individual Psychotherapy

-Group Psychotherapy

-Family Psychotherapy

-Case Management Services

-Psychiatric Services

-Nursing Services

-Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (Clubhouse)

-School Based Services

-Acute Partial Hospitalization Service

-Adolescent Offenders Program

In addition to out-patient services, Region IV also  operates a residential treatment facility for alcohol and drug clients, three residential crisis centers, medical clinic and pharmacy. Our A&D  facility, Region IV Chemical Dependency Complex, is located in Alcorn County.  The CDC can house up to 24 males and 12 females. The CDC offers both primary  alcohol and drug treatment and secondary alcohol and drug treatment. Out-patient  services and aftercare services are also provided at the Chemical Dependency  Complex.  Region IV offers In-Patient Crisis Stabilization Units which are located in Batesville, Corinth and Tupelo, MS.  In July 2010, Department of Mental Health began the process to transfer the Crisis Intervention Centers (CICs) to community mental health centers across the state. By redesigning the CICs, DMH was able to prevent closure and provide voluntary access for individuals who are in the need of immediate services.  Region IV agreed to take control of three of the CICs in North Mississippi.

Region IV has constructed HUD subsidized housing in  Alcorn, Prentiss, Tippah and Tishomingo Counties for individuals suffering from  serious mental illness but capable of living independently. Each apartment  complex has 18 one-bedroom apartments and a Resident Manager Apartment with the  exception of Prentiss County which consists of 21 resident apartments and one  resident manager apartment. Because adequate housing is a critical need for many  of the consumers we serve, these apartment complexes have been very beneficial  to the individuals we serve.  Region IV currently employee’s two full-time  psychiatrists and three psychiatric nurse practitioners that serve the four  county region. The psychiatrists and nurse practitioners provide medication  evaluation and monitoring services to approximately 6,000 clients in this  region. There are full-time Master Level Therapists in each office as well as  Case Managers and a full-time Nurse. Region IV also provides services to each  school district located within our region. Region IV provides full-time  Therapists, Case Managers, and Nurses in each school district that serve  emotionally disturbed children.

During the past seven years, Region IV has expanded  the services provided to adults with serious mental illness and seriously  disturbed children/youth. Our staff has grown from approximately 40 region-wide  to over 500 at this time. Region IV opened an in-region pharmacy and medical clinic to offer a wide array of assistance for our consumers.  The Commissioners, Executive Director and staff are  continuously looking for ways to improve and expand services.  Region IV receives local, state and federal funding.  Region IV receives funding from each of the five counties served. Some of the  programs provided by the region are funded through grants from the State  Department of Mental Health. However, over the past several years grants have  been substantially decreased because of state budget issues.

Region IV also accepts private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and private Insurance for covered services. We also have a sliding fee scale  for those individuals who do not have insurance coverage that is based on income, dependents  and  ability to pay.

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