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About Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic: a North Carolina privately owned home infusion company whose experienced team of pharmacists, nurse clinicians, reimbursement specialists and operations personnel are committed to providing the most innovative and cost effective home infusion therapy to every patient. Our experienced clinicians tailor each home IV therapy to meet our patients’ needs in the home. Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic has ongoing training and certification of its personnel to provide a quality service to every patient. All Intravenous medications are compounded in our state-of-the-art USP compliant cleanrooms. Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic offers an alternative to hospitalization and provides the case management for home IV therapy needs in a less costly environment-the home. Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic maintains high standards of practice with ongoing quality improvement programs to enhance the services provided to your patient. We are proudly accredited by The Accreditation Commission for Healthcare, Inc. based in Raleigh, NC.With over 31 years of home infusion experience in the Triangle area, Physicians and patients can rely on our service with confidence. Our commitment to every patient receiving a home IV therapy is to provide “a reliable and quality oriented service.”

When a patient cannot eat a normal oral diet, or sustain healthy nutritional status due to their medical condition, Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic can provide nutritional support in the home for patients through the use of Total Parenteral Nutrition.

Our experienced Nutrition Team includes a pharmacist and nurse who work closely with the prescribing MD and/or dietician to provide comprehensive care to the adult or pediatric patient.

Anti-infective therapies include Antibiotics, Antivirals and Antifungals.

Patients requiring one of these therapies can be treated safely, in the comfort of their own home. After receiving the order from the physician, the Spectrum Infusion IV Therapy Clinic team coordinates all care for the patient. Our registered nurse (RN) will either teach the patient and/or caregiver, OR arrange for training from another contracted Home-Health Agency RN, in order to safely administer the home infusion. The patient and/or caregiver will also receive written step-by-step instructions to support this training. In most cases, a nurse will see the patient at least on a weekly basis for lab draws and/or venous catheter care and therapy support.

Steroid Therapy—For M.S.

Deferoxamine—For Iron Overload Therapy, often associated with chronic blood transfusions, sickle cell anemia, or certain cancers.

IV Hydration—For patients requiring IV Fluids for re-hydration.

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