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Using IV nutrition therapy at our IV Therapy Clinic allows the body to still get the valuable nutrition it needs without taxing the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.

Our IV Therapy Clinic is The Perfect Nutrition for You. IV nutrition therapy is often used for patients before or after surgery and simply means that vital nutrients are delivered to the body via the bloodstream.

It’s common for patients to be nutritionally depleted after surgery or when suffering from a poor diet or severe food allergies. Administering IV nutrition therapy can help the body heal faster from surgery and regain health and vitality. At Warm Springs Surgical Center, we offer many different IV nutrient therapies that perfectly meet each patient’s individual needs.

Our highly skilled staff knows exactly what you need when it comes to IV nutrient therapy, and will set up drips that efficiently deliver what your body needs. In no time at all, your body will be responding positively and increasing the chances of faster healing and recovery.

State-of-the-Art Facility: Warm Springs Surgical Center is a freestanding, multi-specialty ambulatory center where our surgeons perform a wide range of outpatient surgical procedures. Thanks to technological and technical advancements in surgical care and safety methods, both patients and surgeons are more frequently choosing to carry out surgery at an ambulatory surgery center on an outpatient basis rather than traditional inpatient hospitalization.

Founded in 2013, Warm Springs Surgical Center in beautiful Las Vegas has been fully licensed by the state of Nevada and consistently provides a safe and convenient environment.

Designed with our patients’ medical needs, safety, and comfort in mind, our leading-edge facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure precision and efficacy in all our surgical procedures.

Learn how Warm Springs Surgical Center can meet your nutritional needs today! Call us at (702) 802-5200.

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