How Does IV Therapy Lounge Improve Your Health?

Intravenous vitamin therapy helps in delivering nutrients directly to your cells through blood stream. In this therapy the nutrients immediately become available for your body to use. They don’t have to go through digestion and the liver. There are many advantages of getting treatment from an iv therapy lounge.

Quick Delivery

The treatment programs in iv therapy lounge take just a few minutes to deliver the nutrients directly to your cells. A typical session takes just 45-60 minutes to finish a single IV bag. This is much more faster than what digestion can take. Besides, digestion doesn’t enable total absorption.

Complete Nutrient Absorption

Another advantage of this therapy is that there is 100% absorption of all the essential nutrients. When you take food, energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamins orally, they pass through the digestive track and only around 50% of it gets absorbed. So you don’t get the full benefits of the food you take.

Treating Conditions with High-Dose Therapy

An iv therapy lounge can provide you high-dose therapy for more effective treatment of certain conditions. Studies show that some nutrients are required in specific concentration in the blood or tissue for creating the perfect conditions for treatment. For example, high concentrations of certain vitamins are required before they can provide the desired health benefits. And you cannot achieve such high concentrations through oral intake.

Effective Rehydration

Dehydration can have serious impact on your health and well being. Even if your body is dehydrated by 2%, it an cause damage to your organs and skin. Intravenous vitamin therapy helps in restoring your body’s hydration to the desired levels in an effective manner.

Restoring Energy Levels

An energy drink can give a boost to your energy levels of a short time. On the other hand, treatment in an iv therapy lounge works to enhance your energy at the core level. You will start feeling more energetic and rejuvenated over the long-term.

There are many more advantages of choosing this therapy.