Whether you’ve recently returned from that once in a lifetime trip around the world, you’re a jet-setting executive or flight attendant who constantly travels for work, or even a night shift worker whose sleep schedule is out of whack from crazy hours; this IV will help you get back to your normal routine and feel better practically overnight.

Most IV Therapy Clinics will administer 1 liter of 0.9% normal saline which quickly rehydrates your body. Dehydration is a major factor during travel especially in dry un-humidified airplane cabins.

You can expect most to also include L-tryptophan to help with sleep and natural melatonin production from your pineal gland. Throw in Zinc, B-complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3 to strengthen your immune system, meaning this IV infusion can be useful before and after long trips to help protect you against those inevitable colds that creep around in airplane cabins.

Jet Lag Relief IV Therapy by the IV therapy hub