Vitamin Therapy and Wound Healing, It really works!

Vitamin C is a necessary part of the biochemical pathway for collagen production. Collagen helps heal wounds by providing structural integrity and support for the skin. Zinc (although actually a mineral, not a vitamin) is also required for collagen biosynthesis.

Consider a couple of reasons why IV vitamins are a much better choice, particularly in promoting post-surgery wound healing:

  • The body requires over 100 times more vitamin C after the trauma of surgery.

  • IV vitamins speed up the healing process compared to oral vitamins.

  • Achieving pharmacologically active effective concentrations of Vitamin C – and many other nutrients – in the blood and tissues is best accomplished by IV administration; oral doses either cannot translate to the necessary blood levels, cause unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, or both.

Post-Surgery IV Therapy Treatment by the IV Therapy Hub